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Keep Your Home, Business and Belongings Safe with our Skilled Electricians

The first step towards making your house or office well-equipped to handle all of the most modern electrical appliances and equipment safely is to hire a reliable electrical contractor. Santino Electric Limited has experienced electricians in Stoney Creek to take care of all your electrical needs. You can rely on us for great customer service and quality work at reasonable prices.

Electrical Repairs in Stoney Creek

We will come and solve your problem once and for all. Our electricians are trained to provide you with quick and effective electrical repairs in Stoney Creek and surrounding areas. We are equipped with the proper tools to identify the source of an electrical fault, and our team can handle the necessary repairs.


Contact us for any electrical repairs, rewiring, or wiring services.


Installing Charging Stations

Are you planning to buy an electric car but worried about the charging station? Santino Electric Limited is here to sort out your issue by installing an electric car charging station for you.

Your electric car comes equipped with all the charging components and all you need is a charging station called the Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) that helps you utilize your home’s electrical grid to charge your vehicle. We have worked with a number of brands and are aware that different cars need different chargers. All you need to do is get in touch with our team, and we will help you figure out the right charger for your car’s energy needs.


Electrical Panel Upgrades in Stoney Creek

Upgrading your home’s electrical panels can help you stay safe from any electrical hazards that may arise from this issue. Santino Electric Limited offers electrical panel upgrade services in Stoney Creek and surrounding areas.

We can help you increase your home’s energy capacity by converting your old fuses into circuit breakers. Whether you need to upgrade fuse panels to circuit breakers, install new main panels, install outdoor subpanels, replace the main breaker, or install an emergency panel, we do it all. We can also replace the residential meter to support the increased capacity of the new system. Please get in touch with our team for meter base repairs, service mast replacements or any other electrical upgrades.


Wiring Inspections in Stoney Creek

Are you looking for an experienced and skilled electrician to wire or rewire your house? Santino Electric Limited offers wiring and rewiring services for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other parts of the house. We also provide commercial electrical services for businesses. Whether you are starting a new commercial project or doing renovations, our electricians can help you!

We also offer electric repair services. So, if there is a broken circuit affecting the wiring of your house, we can come in and fix it. Whether you need to add exterior lighting or want to renovate your house with new ceiling lights, our wiring services can help. We can also help you give your old home a modern look with all new lighting. Contact us for any issues regarding wiring or rewiring of residential and commercial properties.


Skilled Electricians

Our electricians have years of experience fixing electric circuits, wiring new sites and rewiring old properties.

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