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Central Vacuum Systems and Parts

Vacuum cleaner with a container with nozzles and a hose spread out around it


Worker cleaning in an office with steam vacuum

Steam Vacuums

Reliable Vacuum Systems in Stoney Creek

Santino Electric Limited carries a wide range of vacuums, including central vacuums, steam vacuums and commercial vacuums along with their accessories. Contact us for quality products in Stoney County and surrounding areas.

Central Vacuums

We keep in stock a number of tried and true vacuums and always bring in the best new products. Come by and see for yourself our wide range of vacuums and accessories.  


Just a few of the brands we carry:  

Steam Vacuums

Santino Electric Limited offers steam vacuums for offices so that your workplace is safe and clean. We are associated with Sanitaire to offer you high-quality vacuum systems for your commercial spaces. Please contact us to know more about steam vacuums.

Commercial Vacuum Systems and Parts

Call us today or visit. We always have plenty of parts and vacuums in stock. 


Vacuum Systems, Parts and Accessories

Santino Electric Limited is equipped to handle all your vacuum system needs. We carry lines from several manufacturers along with genuine parts and accessories.

Vacuum slotted crevice tool

Attachments & Brushes

Duovac permanent filter bag


Vacuum belt


Hoses corrugated tube for vacuum cleaner


soft brush roller of a modern cordless battery-powered vacuum cleaner

Brush Rollers

Duovac plus accessory kit

Accessory Kits


Vacuums and Central Vacuum Systems

Come have a look at our vacuums including Duovac that comes witha  25 year warranty.

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