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Beautify Your Home with Decorative Lighting in Stoney Creek

Lighting is a critical part of any building, and Santino Electric Limited has experience in the installation and repair of aesthetic lights. Our team offers great customer service by resolving any electrical issues in your house. You can count on us as we offer quality work at reasonable prices. Contact us for more details about our services and products.

Brands We Carry

Santino Electric Limited works with most of the major lighting brands. We are also an authorized vendor for several brands. Here are a few of the brands that we are associated with:

Need help to fix plugs, breakers or electric lines for your pool pumps and hot tubs?

We can help you!

Chandelier Light Lift

Aladdin Light Lift offers chandelier lifts to provide safe and easy access to clean and maintain your chandeliers. These lifts are manufactured in the USA and come with 100% USA-based customer services. Our association with Aladdin Light Lift makes us an authentic provider of the product. These lifts can be installed easily without the need for costly scaffolding. For more information on the product, give us a call.

We Can Help You With:

Bulbs hanging in a dining room of a new construction house

Indoor lighting

Outdoor light in the garden at night

Outdoor lighting

Electrician fixing electric cable on ceiling

Home renovations

Security consultant fitting security light to house wall

Security lighting

Luxurious kitchen renovation with pot lights

Kitchen renovations

Pot lights in the ceiling of the kitchen

Pot lighting

Close up hand turning on or off on grey light switch with wooden background

Dimmers and switches

Controlling light bulb temperature and intensity with a smartphone application

Smart lighting

Low-maintenance Chandeliers

In association with Aladdin Light Lift, we offer you smart solutions to take care of your precious chandeliers.

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